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02.08.03 - Site Updated
02.06.03 - New GetSwerve Store
DJ Beatdesasta - Comes to us from Germany and spins Trance for GetSwerve His website can be found at either: or (both in German)
His IRC chat: (english&german)
Tommy Powell - Is from the United Kingdom and House music is his weapon of choice. His website is:
DJ Leo Leal - From Monterrey, Mexico Leo will be spinning all Progressive House on Monday Nights.
Mili Sefic - Has been playing for 3 years now and has played all over Chicago and across the US. Check him out on Wednesdays spinning Progressive House.
DJ Blitz - From Chicago, Blitz has marked his presence at various nightclubs in Chicago and surrounding areas such as The Living Room Lombard, Elixur Nightclub Rockford, Amnesia Nightclub Dekalb, Northbeach Hoffman estates and many more. He spins Progressive and Euro after Mili Sefic.
DJ Dan AlcalA - Straight out of Boston, Massachusetts, He'll be throwing down Progressive Trance and maybe some breaks for us every Thursday on his aptly named show: "Thirsty Thursdays."
DJ Likuidvibe - From Jersey, He spins mostly Breaks, but also likes to check in with some House from time to time. He is on after AlcalA. Website:
DJ McNasty - Outta LA, DJ McNasty is fairly new to the scene, but he wants you to know he can throw it down as well as anyone around. He's owning Fridays every week on GetSwerve.
DJ Drew E - Another guy from Chicago, DJ Drew E is new, yet hot on the scene. Keeping Alive the late night sounds of the late-great Energy 92.7/5 spinning Trance/Euro and Progressive every Sunday night on GetSwerve.
DJ Just Ice - From the City that NEVER sleeps, comes DJ Just Ice, spinning the best in Hard Trance and Deep vocal tracks for you every Monday night. A good chance to listen to some tracks you may been too drunk to remember you heard over the weekend.
Phatt Elvis - Tearing up the Denver scene, likes to build his Funky Disco Tribal House sets up until the roof comes off! Started off with a residency at Club Gotham in Chapel Hill, NC. Now spinning in Colorado only gets better. Tune in for "Funky and PHaTT Saturdays" exclusively on GetSwerve Radio.
Peter Haze - From Chicago, Peter has been ripping it up for a while now. In addition to his two hour sets every Tuesday on GetSwerve, you can party with Peter Haze ever Saturday at The "White Star Lounge"  Peter Haze's site is at:
DJ Foxx-C-Fresh - In 1986 starting off as most Djs do, he purchased some cheap equipment and worked his way up to the top of the line technic 1200s DJ Foxx-C is well known for his unorthodox mix combinations like Nine Inch Nails Closer and Snoop Doggy Dogg blending perfectly over each other which to this day makes crowds go nuts. His versatility in the entertainment industry has earned him much respect among his peers and crowds alike. After a couple years away from the scene "the D..J..F..O..DOUBLE X..DASH..C" is once again back and ready to show Chicago the skills that made him a legend.
DJ AdamK - Coming from Chicago, he's been spinning since his comeback in 2000 after a break to finish college. By day this guy's a pharmacist, by night this guy is pumpin out the newest and best vocal trance and club tunes. Check out his site and catch him live here Sunday Nights 10pm-Midnight
DJ Deflector - Comes from Washington, DC spining the best in epic trance, and sometimes some dark tribal progressive. Started spining just over a year ago and plans to take it to the top!
DJ Zypher lives in Chico, California, attending the California State University, Chico. His passion for house and trance music has led him to begin spinning. Infecting your stereos with Progressive Trance, Deep House and Hard House beats. Make sure to wear your seatbelt, it's a bumpy ride!