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Listen to GetSwerve Radio in STEREO on your computer. Our station plays only LIVE sets from around world mixed by the best DJ's and trance artists and live performances by up and coming DJs from around the globe. [DJ Profiles]


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01.29.03 - [Thirsty Thursdays Week 2]
01.29.03 - [GetSwerve Joins Simulcast Ring]
01.27.03 - [LIVE FROM EUROPE]
01.24.03 - [Thursday's Live show was great]
GetSwerve Website: Serves to grow interest in the radio station.
GetSwerve Radio: Broadcasts out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. and maintains a constant 128kbps (usually) live stereo stream over the internet using the NullSoft "SHOUTcast" technology. Features Live DJing and the best trance from around the world.
Current goals include site growth and listener growth. Future goings on may include sponsoring industry events.
For more information regarding GetSwerve Media, feel free to email us.
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