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Listen to GetSwerve Radio in STEREO on your computer. Our station plays only LIVE sets from around world mixed by the best DJ's and trance artists and live performances by up and coming DJs from around the globe. [DJ Profiles]


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01.29.03 - [Thirsty Thursdays Week 2]
01.29.03 - [GetSwerve Joins Simulcast Ring]
01.27.03 - [LIVE FROM EUROPE]
01.24.03 - [Thursday's Live show was great]
DanceBBS Radio - Live Electronic Music, DJs spinning live over the internet. These guys are from Florida and know how to party their asses off! Check them out.
Do you have a SHOUTcast radio station? Do you play Electronic music and want to partner up with the boys who are bringing it LIVE & DIRECT? If so Email us with that link you see down below.
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The Infamous Bed, South Beach